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Frequently Asked Questions

We strive to answer all your questions when we meet with you in person. In the meantime, you might find that some of your questions are answered below.


The venue rental fee is determined by the type of event and the day. Please contact us for a tour and a proposal.

Because we only host one wedding per day, our fee structure remains the same. The fee is determined on how many hours your event will take place.


Gather can hold 150 people for a plated meal or 200 for an up and mingling event.

Fortunately, our venue is indoors, so we don’t have to worry about the weather. As you know, Texas weather is crazy, changing from one moment to the next, so holding your event indoors takes the relieves the stress of What If? No contingency plan required. Also, you and your guest will have a better time being out of the elements.

If you are holding your ceremony here at Gather, then you have access to the bridal suite. If your ceremony is off site, you can add the use of the bridal suite to your contract, if you wish. We do not have a groom's suite. (Traditionally, the groom and groomsmen arrive ready for photos.)

There is a beautifully decorated women's and men’s restroom conveniently located inside Gather.

All our guests can park in the private parking lot right next to our building. There is also a free public parking garage one block away.

Tables, chairs and ice are included in the venue rental. Your table linen rental will be placed with us. Plates, cups and flatware are included if you use our in-house caterer and is included in the outside catering fee.

Yes! We make sure all your guests are comfortable, regardless of the weather outside.

Gather has hardwood floors—the ideal dance floor. Some venues require the installation of a temporary dance floor; however, we do not.

Yes, our venue is wheelchair accessible.

Prior to your event, we will have met with you and your coordinator to finalize your floor plan.

Yes, we have a wireless microphone and speakers, though most DJs have their own equipment.

Yes! We have a dropdown screen and projector that are available. Rental fees apply.

Yes, all events have an Event Manager and Gather staff on hand. The number of staff is dictated by the type of event.


Events are constantly being booked, so contact us with your desired date and we can tell you if it’s available.

To book a date, you will need to provide a 35% non-refundable retainer, a completed Security Deposit form and a signed contract.

We schedule only one wedding per day. If your event is a smaller, for example, a baby shower, we can accommodate up to two events per day.

Please notify us as soon as possible in writing. If it is a matter of rescheduling, we will work with you every way possible with no rescheduling fee. Monies paid are non-refundable.

That will be determined on what time you would like to start dinner service. We will help you with your timeline and make sure the start time reflects how you want your event to go.

A complimentary one-hour rehearsal is included with your venue rental. The time is subject to other booked events.

Rental hours are determined by your event type and date. The rental time frame includes set-up, event time, and breakdown/cleanup. Decorating and storing items prior to your event day is not permitted, due to a possible conflict with other events.

Thirty (30) days prior to your event, we will hold a Final Details meeting. You, along with your planner/coordinator, will finalize your timeline, the floorplan, as well as other details of your event. Your Day-of-Coordinator is required to be at this meeting.


We are just blocks from boutique hotels, such as The Grand Hotel, and there are fabulous B&Bs like Neathery Estate. The McKinney Sheraton is also close the venue and located right off the freeway.


You have the option of choosing our in-house caterer or bringing in an outside caterer. All caterers must be licensed/insured and provide documentation. If you choose to bring your own caterer, there is a $300 outside catering fee.

We offer several bar packages to choose from. All alcohol will be served by Gather staff. All our staff are TABC certified. Please note, we do NOT allow shots to be served.

No. You have the option of using another caterer. All caterers must be licensed and insured, and an outside catering fee of $300 applies.

We have a prep kitchen where food can be readied for serving. All cooking must be done off site, however. No cooking is allowed in the kitchen.

You cannot bring your own alcohol. We offer different bar packages to serve your needs.


No. At the end of the event, our staff cleans up and takes out the trash

No, all items must be removed from the venue at the end of your event. The venue is not responsible for any items left on site.

Our staff cleans up the tables, chairs, linens, dishes, restrooms, the venue space, and trash. You are responsible for clean-up of floral and other personal decor.


Confetti, glitter, sparklers, helium balloon/lantern releases, silly string, rice, bird seed and smoke machines are not allowed. Flowers petals thrown during the ceremony must be picked up right after the ceremony so as not to stain the hardwood floors. Candles in suitable containers are allowed. Any ornamentation attached to walls must be done without nails, screws or staples. Tape or other adhesives that damage floors or walls are not permitted.

Gather staff sets up the tables and chairs according to your floor plan.

Tables, chairs and linens are set up by our Gather staff prior to your event. You are responsible for any decor. You may hire professionals or decorate the space yourself.

That will be determined by the start time of your event, but we strive to make sure that you have enough time to decorate.

No, but command hooks are permitted.

We allow open flame candles in suitable containers. Containers must be adequate for catching melting wax and preventing spills. Sparklers are not allowed in Downtown McKinney due to fireworks regulations.


Cash, checks, credit card, and Zelle.  We also have financing available.

Yes! If you need to finance your wedding, we can put you in touch with a great company that offers this service.


All vendors must be licensed and insured and provide documentation of such. If you wish to use a nonfood vendor who does not have insurance, such as a Day-Of-Coordinator, who does not have insurance, then you will need to obtain Event Insurance.  


All vendors must provide proof of insurance 60 days prior to your event.

No. However, we have personal experience with these vendors and know they provide exceptional service; moreover, they are familiar with Gather’s rules and procedures. Outside vendors have to be insured and approved by Gather.


Since we work by appointment only, you will need to schedule a tour.

Yes, we welcome everyone here at Gather!

You are allowed to have your dog included in the ceremony, but not for the rest of the event.

Service dogs are welcome on-site. Proper documentation is required.

Yes, we do. You can add our in-house coordinator to your package, or hire your own licensed and insured Day-Of Coordinator or planner. Jill, the owner of Gather, is a trained wedding planner who is available for this service.

All children must be supervised by an adult to ensure child safety.

Downtown McKinney has many locations for great photos: exposed brick alleyways, industrial staircases, a park with grass/tress and a fountain, and even the roof top parking garage.

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