Crystal and Slade Jansa

Downtown McKinney Wedding

Yes, I am finally sharing my special day with everyone.  After months of pure wedded bliss :).

As a person in the wedding industry I had VERY specific ideas of what my wedding day was going to be like…..the day exceeded my wildest dreams!  The day was pure perfection and if I could relive it over and over again you best believe I would.  I actually still ask Slade randomly if we can do it again and he looks at me like I’m crazy and says “No!”…with a loving you were crazy tone to it :).

A little bit about Slade and Me, we met on eharmony and had our fist date on April 1, 2015.  By our fourth date I knew he was the one; i had been looking for a LONG time so I knew, and so did he.  I of course started sending hints of what the ring should look like and he started calling me crazy :).  On December 6, 2015 we were engaged and that of course is when all the fun starts.  Slade is from a small town in west Texas called Wall; farming community where I stand out like a sore thumb; me farm? Never gonna happen…..anyway, Once wedding plans started he said he wanted a “Wall wedding”.  Ummmm, honey, what is a “Wall wedding?”  Well, in a nut shell it’s a large, community involved, biggest and best party around.  I agreed to having a catholic ceremony and the reception being outside on the church grounds.  His mom had mentioned no one had ever done that before so naturally I jumped at being the first.  Now it’s time for the guests list; this is where my mom and I really started drinking the wine :).  His mom sent me their invite list and it naturally had 400 addresses on it….yes, you read that right.  400 + my 100ish meant I needed 500 invitations (insert another bottle of wine).  After of course having a nervous breakdown I regrouped and said “OK mom, we can do this”.  First, let’s get vendors lined up:

Photographer: Great Expectations in San Angelo, TX

Cake: Halfmanns Cake Cottage in San Angelo, TX

Floral: Petals Couture and Holly Viles (did y’all really think I was using anyone else)

Make Up: Make Up by Wendy Zerrudo

Dress: LuLu’s Bridal

Band: Case Hardin Band

Rings: Legend Jewelers

The day went off with a hitch.  After 9 months of planning this was a true test of my profession.  I mean we set 60 dinner tables,  2 bars, organized a live band and DJ and all with only 3 bottles of wine 🙂 and add to that I had my father in law build a dancefloor, stage, and fencing because I NEEDED it.  The biggest test was had I organized everything to hand off to my staff at Gather so I could relax and enjoy my day with out setting everything up myself….they did wonderfully!  I seriously could not have pulled this day off without them.  The small intimate wedding I had always seen in my head ended up being attended by 750 of closest friends and family :)….yes, that was 750.  If I had to do it all over again I would make sure they could all attend; it was the most wonderful day ever in my whole life.


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